Kindlywired Rule Book

Kindlywired Rules

Kindlywired is a platform for community building and engagement for empaths and highly sensitive people. The purpose is to create a secure space for sharing ideas, transmitting information, and interpersonal interaction.  By participating in the various forums on the platform, you agree to its privacy policy and terms of use.

The purpose of the website is to provide an inviting place for the community to grow and develop.  Participation should be a fun and personally fulfilling experience.  You can help keep it friendly by familiarizing yourself with and following the community rules and regulations.

We will endeavor to keep the site fair and friendly.  If you feel that a post from another user violates the rules, please notify us at  We will do our best to review all such complaints, but we cannot guarantee that your request will result in a sanction.  But you do have our commitment to creating a culture of acceptance.


Forum and Blog Posting Regulations

We are a platform for respectful, supportive communication.  We expect that users will treat each other (users, administrators and guests) with respect.  We are here to help.  If you disagree with something posted on the platform, let us know respectfully and we will engage in dialogue.  If you feel disrespected or attacked in any way, please contact us and we will try to resolve the situation amicably.  The following behaviors are not acceptable and may result in being barred from the platform.


No Abusive Behavior

By your participation, you agree that you will refrain from posting any material which can be construed as abusive.  Abusive behavior includes but is not limited to posting materials that are:

  • Hateful
  • Harassing or threatening
  • An invasion of privacy
  • Profane or sexually explicit
  • a violation of any law. 


No Flaming or Trolling

Flaming (engaging in an online argument involving unfounded personal attacks), flame-baiting, and trolling (trying to provoke another user into an argument) are grounds for immediate removal.  


Profanity and Pornography are prohibited

The use of profanity and sexually explicit material is prohibited on the website.  That includes links to pornographic websites.

Kindlywired is a platform for sharing.  Authenticity and honest communication is the purpose of our website.  The following standards will help ensure that users’ communication is not violated:

  • One account per user
  • The creation or use of fake user accounts is strictly prohibited.
  • Do not attempt to impersonate other users or staff, nor post email addresses or phone numbers that are not your own.
  • Do not post email addresses or phone numbers which are not your own. 
  • Harvesting email addresses from our site for commercial reasons is strictly prohibited. 
  • No SPAM, including advertising, unsolicited polling or affiliate marketing.
  • Polling our members to gather information for any commercial purpose is strictly forbidden.

Think before you post.  Do not disclose any personal information that you do not wish others to know.
Posts in a particular forum need to stay on-topic. If you want to talk about something that is drastically removed from the topic of a forum, please create a new topic.


No Religious or Political Postings

Posting statements about yourself that include religious or political content is acceptable, but do not misuse the site to promote a specific religion or political party.  Respect the difference of opinion of your fellow community members.  In other words, no proselytizing for any political party or religion. 


Sponsored Posts are Prohibited

Your account is for your use only. You may not use your account to post on behalf of any other person or company.


Violators of these policies will face removal from the community.