Finder Update

Finder Update
Abhinav  Bhardwaj

We are building a Finder tool to help you connect with other empaths and highly sensitive people

Finder will help you find and connect with other empaths and highly sensitive people who are similar to you.

What we are offering in Finder:

  1. Filter using location, age.
  2. Filter using interests (Reading, Meditating, Running etc.)
  3. Filter using Identity (HSP, Empath, Introvert, Extrovert)
  4. Filter using leading values
  5. Filter using Intent (Community, Dating, Meaningful connections)


Did we miss anything? Is there something else you would like us to add?


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  • Fleur commented 1 year ago

    Seems like a good idea. It's a bit hard to grasp what it will look like, especially not knowing how to code. I wonder if the location thing will work on a radius or by country (I'd find a radius more useful). Also, how will users be able to interact once they find each other? Will there be a message or a friend system, or something else?