10 Reasons Why Being a Highly Sensitive Person is Beautiful

10 Reasons Why Being a Highly Sensitive Person is Beautiful
Larissa Burgess

The beauty of being a Highly Sensitive Person is that you experience moments that fall off the radar of others

A few days ago, I walked into my living room to see that two new leaves were sprouting out of a fiddle leaf fig tree that I have been growing for over a year. While this may be something others would overlook, I was overcome with joy and starting jumping up and down. I was screaming out of excitement and had a permanent grin on my face. My reaction was completely childlike as I could not believe the beauty of nature that I was seeing before my eyes and was in complete wonder. Especially something that I invested my time and love into to see grow. The beauty of being a Highly Sensitive Person is that you experience these moments that fall off other's radar. While this is one thing that makes being a Highly Sensitive Person great, it is not the only. Below is a list of my favorite things about being a Highly Sensitive Person:


1.    You can understand others

Beyond the ability to pick up on the emotions of those you don't know, you are connected and alert to the emotional shifts in those around you. This helps you to navigate how to approach others and give them the kind of support they need.


2.    You can experience emotional highs and don’t take them for granted

The joys of life do not fall flat with you. When you are happy, you are singing from the mountain tops inside, and taking in every moment. You enjoy the full spectrum of emotion, so you understand what it means to feel happiness


3.    You are trustworthy to those around you

Hurting others is the last thing you would ever want to do. You are hyper-aware of how you have been hurt, and doing that to someone else would rip you apart. You will not break the trust of others, and you are reliable with other's feelings. You show up this way in hopes that others will mirror this for you.


4.    You appreciate the beauty surrounding you

You are the kind of person who can see the sunset every night and still find it incredible. You are in awe of the beauty around you, and surrounding yourself with beauty helps you to feel at peace. The most beautiful thing to you, however, is when others share their vulnerable emotions. Emotions are something you value above all else, and there is nothing that moves you more than the ability for others to be in touch and display emotion.


5.    You can feel and therefore process the difficulties in life that you face

Going through hard times as a Highly Sensitive Person can be especially difficult. You are not able to put all your grief into a box to store away. You feel everything in its entirety. While this is a challenge, it also helps you process the pain you are going through. Being able to feel and work through emotions makes you a healthier human.


6.    You are in touch with who you are

You know how you feel about just about everything. You have spent much time with your thoughts and realize your triggers. You know your strengths and try not to condemn your weaknesses. You know that when you focus on positive thoughts about yourself and others, your outlook becomes much lighter. Your emotions drive your actions more than others, so you are cautious in the direction you steer your thoughts.


7.    You show emotional intelligence

You can be self-aware as well as the ability to understand why others act the way they do. This does not mean that you don't sometimes wish you could change others, but you have an awareness of what you can and can't control.


8.    You give good advice

People's emotions are your forte. You understand why people do what they do, and often friends with relationship issues come to you for advice. They know you'll be able to get into their head and the head of the other to see both sides.


9.    You are curious and want to learn and grow

You always want to figure out how to be your best self. You may understand emotions, but you also want to understand the why behind them and your triggers.


10.    You wish the best for everyone

You would rather suffer than see those whom you love suffer—or anyone for that matter. You try your best to show up for those around you and leave everyone better than you found. Being able to impact others positively is a place that you get a huge sense of purpose.



As you move on after reading this list, I hope you remember that you being Highly Sensitive is a gift.  You have so much to offer yourself and others.  I hope you take joy in the way that you experience life and trust that you have these traits for a reason and that they will serve you. 

So go on and be your beautiful, Highly Sensitive Self.